Need Tech Assistance without the HR issues?

We supply technicians to our clients, that are located at the client premises either full time or part time. We supply these resources at the required skill level and ensure continuous improvement of the resource as required. We take care of all the required HR and paperwork allowing the client to use the resource specifically to provide support to their entity while not having to deal with seat costs or continuous education etc. This solution is typically required on a site where access to the site is strictly controlled or information sharing with the required resource is sensitive.

Why Choose Us?

Skilled resources are notoriously expensive, we have designed our outsource agreements to ensure the costs remain palatable while providing skills which remain up to date with technology trends. Our resources are uniquely incentivized to ensure they do not just provide services but to engage and become part of the value chain of a company.

Along with our benchmark outsource resources we also provide project resources available rapidly and only for the period required allowing for project related delivery like product rollouts, ICT moves, Virus cleanups and equipment upgrades to name a few.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most. If you do not see your question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Which type of outsource works best (on site, remote, centralized)

With the connected world of ICT solutions, we find predominantly remote dedicated support resources fits the needs of most clients. Sure, there are circumstances where there is no other option but onsite (security, remote locations, disconnected environments as example) but our approach to support is 80% remote and 20% on site support services fits most clients. This approach makes support costs more affordable as there is no need for travel or logistics and more importantly significantly approves the time to delivery.

How do you ensure your resources remain up to date with technology and industry?

We firmly believe in rotation of resources; this allows our resources to spend time at various clients ensuring they will not become stagnant on one environment or client. Further our resources have very aggressive CEP (continuous education programs) forcing the habit of continuous evolvement of knowledge.

What is the period you are able to supply resources?

Our resourcing model allows us to provide resources for anything from a few hours to open ended contracts.

How quickly can you assist?

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