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About TechInc

TechInc is dedicated ICT solutions company, born from humble beginnings in 2003, We proud ourselves in delivering class leading ICT service and support offerings to our valued customers. Our differentiator lies in our ability to tailor-make solutions for various size entities.

Get to know us better…

TechInc’s culture is built from experience in industry, our executive team has successful track records in ICT services management, customer experience and business solutions. We rely on these values to build business which is based on solid foundations while remaining extremely agile. We pride ourselves in our ability to not only provide a service but to become an asset in our customer value chain. The success criteria we measure ourselves us against is not to be a cost centre or an expense, but rather a part of the revenue stream.

The ICT landscape is extremely dense, and the ability to sustainably provide affordable solutions to our clients has allowed us to sustain difficult economical climates and thrive in our 17 years trading.

What we do?

At our core TechInc is a support-based solutions company. We provide full suite services which includes fixing, selling, of hardware and solutions, along with cloud hosted solutions and products with the intention to maintain and support these implementations as end goal. It is therefore in our best interest to ensure the solutions suggested is sustainable.

Our passion for support is exemplified in our delivery model, we believe any system or solution is only as effective as the support it receives when it does not behave.

Our approach as SSA (single service aggregator) allows for us to have touch points with various strategic partners allowing “best of breed” solutions while maintaining a single point of contact personalized experience with each customer. The size of our business allows for us to be uniquely adaptable to every customer’s needs while having a solid enough foundation and track record to prove our commitment to the ICT space. Our focus of ITaaS (IT as a service) allows us to provide a clean measurable contact point with our clients while managing all facets of the ICT landscape on their behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most. If you do not see your question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How can I get support now?

Easy! click on “GET HELP NOW” to send a request or click on the chat bubble in the bottom right corner and lets see how we can help!

Can you supply and install hardware?

Not only can we supply and install we can also support and maintain the hardware.

Should I buy or lease equipment?

The ICT landscape is changing rapidly, making the need to own equipment which will become redundant sooner than you think a unnecessary burden. Budgets should dictate but where possible lease!

How safe is “The cloud”?

It can be much safer than any localized data, if the environment is setup correctly it will have industry leading hosting providers with expert knowledge on security. Talk to us to assist.

Fiber, Wifi, LTE, Microwave…. what gives?

You should not need to worry about the correct technology for your environment, there are numerous factors which influences this decision. Ask us for a needs assessment and let us take care of it.

My business is very remote, can you still provide support?

We live in a connected world, where you are just a few clicks away from a support engineer, failing which he will be on the phone to you in seconds getting you up and running.

Do I need to be on a contract or agreement for support?

No! We are happy to assist with your needs as their arise, we would always recommend looking for a sustainable agreement to ensure faster reaction times and proactive monitoring but we will assist anyone contract or not!

I have multiple service providers, and I don’t always know which is best?

You should not be dealing with them, ICT has become a very “best of breed” landscape with so many options it can easily become confusing. We at TechInc offer a service where you just give us the list of your providers and your SLA with them and we manage all of them on your behalf. We will even suggest an SLA should you not have one.

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