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Although easily divorced, physical and logical security forms part of the ICT Landscape. Protection your data has become just as important as protecting your physical environment. The two fields uses very different technologies although they are both connected solutions. For us at TechInc it is seen as protection, with the same importance and therefore we focus on both entities under the same umbrella.

TechInc supplies full suite security services, we install and maintain CCTV solutions (IP or Analogue) provide offsite monitoring, armed response, and visual verification as well as biometric and augmented security solutions. We supply and maintain alarm systems and environmental monitoring solutions. We further provide digital security through various partnerships and custom designed data protection services.

With hosted environments and platforms data protection has become more complicated but also much more common practice making products and methodologies much more attainable. TechInc will guide you to ensure your business protection needs are addressed and continuously assessed.

Why Choose Us?

TechInc has real world exposure to the risks of businesses due to our involvement in retail store protection. This area is probably one of the most targeted environments and leveraging off our experience in this field we are uniquely situated to understand and interpreting your security needs. We believe in best of breed technology and partners ensuring we put your landscape under the very capable hands of the best in the business. This along with our golden thread involvement means we remain the primary contact allowing you to focus on conducting business which is protected as thoroughly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most. If you do not see your question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Which physical systems are needed to protect my business?

The make-up of your security landscape has a lot to do with your industry and your common threats. We provide class leading Access Control systems including palm vein, wave, facial, RF tag, biometric and voice recognition systems. These systems are integrated into camera systems to allow for extra levels of protection. Ultimately the systems are connected with an alarm and can trigger the relevant alarm types based on needs. The systems operate independent but can call on each other to enhance security.

Do I need a firewall?

The short version is YES! As to which unit and where it is placed to adequately protect your landscape is a very meticulous investigation. We use best of breed solutions and pair these solutions with a custom fit for your environment. Data protection services has become a very big business and our vendors spend very large amounts of money on research and development. We take those lessons learnt and put the most efficient yet cost effective solution forward for your consideration.

Why should I use remote monitoring?

A security system which is not connected to a monitoring environment is nothing but a reactive evidence locker. Being reactive has no benefit, our solutions allow for these systems to be monitored by trained professionals who knows what patterns and trends to look for and how to react to them. The notification of these alerts should transpire into response of a outfitted response unit with intimate and real-time data to be able to provide the most efficient security solution.

Is my data safer in the cloud?

For the most part yes, if an accredited vendor is used for the cloud resources. There are numerous self-proclaimed cloud hosting agencies, speak to us to ensure you are selecting the correct partner. Better yet allow us to assist with your transition to the cloud. We perform cloud readiness assessments on equipment, systems and data to ensure the move is seamless and fast tracked.

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