Professional and Unique Skilsets

Professional services speak to the high-level skillsets which tend to be overly expensive for small to medium businesses. The need for these services remains! We have created an environment where highly qualified experts in their respective fields are made available to our clients. These resources can be attained at an hourly rate or on a project scope basis. The focus of these professionals is aligned with our view of business and market needs. We source and manage these skills through performance based KPI’s and guarantee the highest possible level of expertise. The golden thread of TechInc’s single contact approach allows us to manage the relationship and as with our products and solutions provide a single point contact responsible for clients.

Why Choose Us?

Proving agile resources in industry is something TechInc we take pride in. We have created a skills incubator to retain professionals in the various ICT segments. We use these resources as mentors and coaches for our operational staff. This allows for a well-rounded offering of operational folk, backed by experts who we make available to our clients. We drive expertise to ensure our business is always ahead of the curve when it comes to our service offerings. Our professionals are available on short notice and can assist on-premises or remotely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most. If you do not see your question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How confidential is my information shared with the expert?

We have very strict non-disclosure agreements in place with every client to ensure information remains privileged, further our resources adhere to the latest CPA standards to ensure we do not endanger client information.

Do I have to use the expert for my entire project?

No, our advice is to apply the skillset where needed and then to allow your own teams to drive or implement the project. Of course, our team will be more than happy to drive the solutions or implementation from end to end if needed.

Can do you quantify the time spent by the expert?

We spend time on the initial engagement to understand the scope of the requirements, we then optimize the resource time to best fit the need of said task. The resources are available per hour, or per project scope as well as retainer driven engagements.

Will there be knowledge transfer post implementation.

Yes! It is extremely important for us to ensure your business continuity, with that in mind we ensure our expert has a hard and fast deliverable of knowledge transfer during or post project or implementation to enable our clients to manage their environments.

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