Trusted Voice and Data Communications

Hosting of solutions for our clientele (cloud, hybrid or on-premise), Full service networking (VoIP, APN, WWW, Backhaul, MPLS etc) through various mediums (fixed line, fiber, Wifi, Satellite, 3G/ Lte –GSM-) We further supply or lease the full suite of ICT hardware including (server, desktop, network, VoIP and legacy telephony systems, office automation hardware and other) With our datacentre located in Centurion we are able to provide a primary or backup datacentre to our customer base with various methods of hosting and connectivity.

Why Choose Us?

We understand business depends on converged communications as an integral part of operations. The product offerings and integrations however can become overwhelming, we take the guesswork out of this as we focus understanding the business needs and strategy as well as budget. We use these factors to design the connectivity and communications solutions.

Voice and data needs may appear as unique areas but with proper design and configurations the proverbial divide is nullified, saving costs and streamlining solutions. We use industry leading voice solutions and network design to provide seamless affordable connectivity and communications solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most. If you do not see your question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

VoIP… isn’t that a swearword?

VoIP has received a very negative connotation due to badly designed networks, and lack of understanding by numerous vendors. However, when designed properly the value is almost endless. From significant savings, to massive flexibility and truly enterprise level communications. From single line to 1000’s of extensions in multiple locations VoIP properly executed is a strategic benefit to any company.

Primary, failover circuits why?

The cost of downtime is easily calculated in most businesses and therefore should easily dictate what level of service is required. Having redundancy built into networks to ensure uptime is no longer a benefit large corporate has exclusive access to. TechInc will assist your business to attain the best fit connection and redundancy medium.

How do we manage security of data on networks?

There are numerous dedicated devices and software solutions to help with network security and policies. Deciphering which is best is what we do, we do not believe in restricting access due to protection but rather enabling tools and rules to ensure abuse and intrusion is minimized. Well designed security metrics should only impede illicit behavior.

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